Come one, come all! The revival of the 30 Day Anime Challenge is upon us! And I promise it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s easy content that can last for weeks!

A few years back I took part in my very first 30 Day Anime Challenge. It was a fun break from the normal review writing and gave me an outlet to really reflect on what anime means to me. I enjoyed it so much, that I wanted to do it again. Obviously I can’t just revisit the same list, so I did some searching and found a set of challenges that are a little different. Most of these feel a little more specific, and I’m looking forward to trying to figure out some answers.

As with the last one, publishing one of these every single day, especially with my current schedule, isn’t feasible. So I’ll be breaking them into 15 weeks, two per week (Tuesday and Thursday). I know this puts the challenge on easy mode, but hey, I’m an adult and I make the rules.

As before, this page will serve as a hub until the challenge is complete. As each day is posted, it will be linked below. I hope you enjoy!

The Challenges

  • Day 1: Favorite Guilty Pleasure Anime
  • Day 2: Worst Anime Ending
  • Day 3: Anime That Overstayed Its Welcome
  • Day 4: Subbed vs Dubbed Anime
  • Day 5: An Anime You Love, But Everyone Hates
  • Day 6: An Anime You Hate, But Everyone Loves
  • Day 7: A Character You Wish Had Died Instead
  • Day 8: A Character That Grew On You Over Time
  • Day 9: Favorite Anime Trope
  • Day 10: Least Favorite Anime Trope
  • Day 11: If You Could Have the Life of Any Anime Character
  • Day 12: Longest Anime You’ve Marathoned
  • Day 13: Shortest Anime You’ve Enjoyed
  • Day 14: Anime That Was Better Than The Manga
  • Day 15: Manga That Was Better Than The Anime
  • Day 16: Favorite Weapon, Gear or Armor in Anime
  • Day 17: Favorite “Dere” Personality
  • Day 18: Favorite Anime Villain
  • Day 19: Favorite Anime Siblings
  • Day 20: Anime Series You’ve Seen, But Not Many Have
  • Day 21: Anime Series Everyone’s Seen, But You Haven’t
  • Day 22: Anime Series You Refuse To Watch
  • Day 23: Favorite Anime Genre
  • Day 24: Best Plot Twist
  • Day 25: A Scene That Always Blows Your Mind
  • Day 26: Most Annoying Anime Character
  • Day 27: Anime That Made You Go Hmmmm
  • Day 28: Anime You Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Remade
  • Day 29: Favorite Anime Villain
  • Day 30: Anime Reality You Wish Was Your Own
Let’s dive right in!

Be sure to comment some of your thoughts in these challenges. The conversations are most of the fun. And by all means, let me know if you decide to also take part in this or any other challenge!

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