Listen, based solely on what I’ve seen around the WWW (world wide weeb), I understand my pick today may or may not be controversial. When I was pulling my hair and trying to figure out what went wrong, others were praising it for it’s amazing ending. And all I could think when I saw the praise was: hwat?

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but we’re discussing the ending, so go no further if you want to be disappointed organically.

And the winner is…

SSSS.GRIDMAN. I mean, to put it mildly, what were they thinking? From almost the beginning, I was all in on this amazing supernatural world they created. The mechs were b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. The action was intense. It seemed to have it all! So where did they go so wrong?

Before we go any further, I do realize the arrogance of my harsh judgement for this series. Before you attack me, please remember this is an opinion and we can still be friends (unless you liked the end of SSSS.GRIDMAN).

But seriously, how overused is the “It was all just a dream” conclusion at this point? Sure, it may have been innovative at one time, but now it’s about as creative as re-using the “he was actually dead all along!” ending for your show. It was a great twist, but now it’s been done before. Do you hear me, Lost?!

Saying it was all a dream feels more like a cop-out than a creative solution. How this show has been rated with so many 8/10’s is baffling to me. I can understand a forgiving score when a show has a disappointing ending to an overall good anime. But going this route felt more like a betrayal and an insult. And I really can’t get over it…5.5/10 the mechs were pretty cool.

Who would you nominate for this category?

7 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge (2022): Day 2 – Worst Anime Ending

  1. I like the end of Girdman – and I love how it interconnects with Dynazenon to expand on the virtual world. I personally tend to enjoy exploration of the Hikikomori phenomenon though.

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    1. Honestly, yes, if you separate it mentally as a Hikikomori story anime, it does become a lot more interesting. But I think personally I’d have to know that going in to truly enjoy it as such so that I could look for clues and analyze along the way.

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  2. Even before the it was all a dream ending, we had the Fixer Ray that they magically pulled out of nowhere. Before that, every conflict was resolved when someone remembered they had another weapon they could use or a different team up. There was no foreshadowing, no attempts to make it coherent. They just had the answer when they needed it… every single time.

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    1. Well, please remember this is only my opinion. Lots of people apparently disagree with me on this one. You might love it, especially since you already know what to expect in the end.

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