So I definitely thought when I did this challenge there would be maybe five or six to choose from. I was not expecting the veritable army of Dere personalities I would uncover. I mean, it makes sense. There are a ton of different personality types. I guess I just figured when it came down to anime tropey personalities the choices would be narrower.

But even before I researched them, I already knew what I would pick. For some reason, I always like these characters.

I’m talking about Tsunderes.

First off, a quick definition courtesy of Wikipedia:

Tsundere: “…depicts a character with a personality who is initially very harsh on the outside before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time.”

Sound familiar?

It defies logic; if I were ever to befall the affections of a tsundere in real life, I would quickly get tired of the constant hot and cold. It feels like an advanced and angry form of negging; it’s not my personality to be attracted to someone who belittles and insults me while they slowly warm up to me.

If I had to take a guess, maybe I’m hoping the tsundere will eventually drop the act and open up to the MC. It’s obviously a defensive measure they’ve adopted to protect themselves. Maybe I like seeing someone who’s initially so defensive learn to openly love without the fear of getting hurt.

A close second would likely be a Goudere. But I can really only think of two examples: Albedo from Overlord, and Tohru from How To Train Your Dragon Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Goudere personalities are unbelievably and unabashedly in love with someone they view as their master; they take it to an obsession level, often leading to trouble for whoever they direct their affections at.

Goudere are often used for comedic effect and lighthearted moments. If they were mistreated, I think I would enjoy them less, but so far the only examples I’ve seen involve two very understanding and careful “masters.”

What’s your favorite Dere character type?

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