Part of the reason I picked this particular list for the challenge is because most of the questions seemed to be aimed at someone who isn’t an anime beginner. Most of them. This particular one is iffy. It’s hard to choose a specific anime as being my guilty pleasure. In fact, I’d be more inclined to list watching anime in general as my guilty pleasure.

But if I had to choose…

I guess I would pick Say I Love You. My reasoning for this choice is simple: while I’m not opposed to anime (or any other medium) that contains a love story, I don’t usually watch them for the love story (especially one handled as seriously as this one). For anyone who knows me, this anime would seem rather odd for my personality, and truthfully, I’d just prefer to avoid the inevitable line of questioning that would follow.

And they’d be right. Looking at it objectively, it’s just a high school romance that pulls out all the tropes of the unpopular girl who gains the attention of the most popular boy at school. Bullying, regret, self-acceptance; these are all explored in this one. It’s your classic “fill in the blank” character that is created solely to self-insert. But that’s not uncommon to other categories of anime, especially when you start looking at isekai.

Nothing about this love story is a comfortable ride. There are many instances where they second guess one another and themselves, and the relationship is often on the brink of falling apart. They do always manage to make it back to one another, but it can be a painful process.

So why do I like it? Honestly, I don’t know. Something about it appeals to me. I know that’s the most boring answer I can give, but truly the only way I can categorize it is as a guilty pleasure and I like it because I like it. And I guess in the end, that’s all that matters.

Do any of you have a guilty pleasure anime?

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