Looking through all the anime I’ve seen, I don’t immediately spot any that I’ve enjoyed that dip below that standard 11-13 episode format. So instead, I’ve chosen an anime that has really short episodes. And thank goodness they’re short, because this show is filled with “This better not awaken anything in me” moments. My pick is Miru Tights. Lewd things ahead…

For just having 5-ish minute episodes, there’s a lot to unpack. This is a show very obviously meant to appeal to specific crowds: namely people who like tights and people who like feet. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily claim to be in either boat (OK, maybe I enjoy tights a little bit…), but it does feel like this anime is building a case for why I should be one of those people.

Maybe there’s a term that’s escaping me, but watching this show feels a bit like ASMR for the eyes. It’s somehow both ecchi and comfortable (approaching Senko-san levels of comfort) at the same time. It’s a weird feeling to be held captive by an anime like Miru Tights.

As you can imagine, there’s an immaculate attention to detail when it comes to animating the tights and feet. While a lot of the show can feel like your standard animation, when it focuses on the series protagonist (the tights, of course), they double the budget and give us something to remember.

This show is absolutely fan service for the sake of fan service

Don’t expect to watch this for any sort of deep story. The episodes are short and they really are just looking for different ways to showcase women in tights. It won’t be winning any awards outside of some visual nods.

It may or may not be your thing, but tread carefully if you do try it, or it just might become your new thing.

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