Today’s challenge has made me realize that I haven’t actually seen a ton of anime with siblings. I mean, a lot of anime have siblings, but usually only one is involved with the story and the other is fairly insignificant. So first things first, I’ll be looking for (and welcoming any suggestions for) sibling anime.

Of the anime I have seen, I have chosen MIX: Meisei Story for today’s pick. When it aired it felt like a bit of an underdog. The art direction hearkened back to an older age of anime and the story it told was a slow and calculated sports story; the action was exciting and the payoff was absolutely there, but you had to patiently wait for it to come.

The stars of this anime are three siblings: a brother and a sister and their step-brother (it mostly revolves around the two brothers).

For being step-siblings, there’s a strong familiarity between the two boys. They have clearly different personalities, but they can seemingly read each other’s minds for much of the anime. They use this talent to create a formidable battery for their school’s baseball team. (Quick note for those as unfamiliar with baseball as I was: a battery in baseball is a collective term used for the pitcher and the catcher).

A large part of what makes those two so easy to watch is likely this familiarity they share. They have their differences, but they rarely quarrel because of it. They simply cooperate or stay out of each other’s way.

It’s a realistic depiction of many sibling relationships. Most of the time it feels like television focuses and amplifies a dramatic conflict between siblings because it’s easy to write. But Mix’s subdued and cooperative approach flows well.

There’s a lot more to this anime that I won’t cover here, but I wrote a full review that you can read here if you’re interested. And luckily, a second season has finally been announced! Honestly, it feels like a long time coming and I hope I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first season.

Please, tell me about your favorite sibling anime. I need recommendations.

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