I really put this particular challenge on Hard Mode by talking about K-ON! on day 12. But this set of challenges would quickly become boring if I repeated answers.

This isn’t an easy pick for me, but when I directly compare the two, I think that the anime ever so slightly wins over the manga. I’ve chosen Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku for today’s challenge. My reasons may shock and amaze you! (Just kidding; please temper your expectations).

Wotakoi is an incredibly energetic story. By that I mean it uses a lot of over the top screaming and movement from the cast for comedic effect, especially when it comes to Narumi, the female lead. While both the manga and the anime carry this same spirit, the anime seems to convey it a little better.

This could be for many reasons, not the least of which is an incredible performance for Narumi by Arisa Date. Narumi’s character really comes to life under her performance as that perfect closet nerd who is desperate to be seen as “normal” by those around her.

But even beyond that, there’s just an incredible style to the anime. The manga was always fun and lighthearted, but the anime perfectly captures and elevates that aesthetic. In my eyes, while the manga is fantastic and I still recommend everyone reads it, the anime is truly how this story was meant to be told. The jokes land harder and the characters are perfectly portrayed; every layer feels more solid in the anime.

The great news is, whether you only prefer reading the manga or watching the anime (or better yet, you enjoy both), Wotakoi will be a perfect pick up. I won’t call it universally appealing, but especially for the older crowd that enjoys watching anime about working adults, Wotakoi is a solid recommendation.

What would be your choice for “Anime is better than the Manga”?

4 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge (2022): Day 14 – Anime That Was Better Than The Manga

  1. Haven’t watched Wotakoi and I’ve only read like 3 chapters of the manga, but it sounds like the same case as Kaguya-sama. The anime doesn’t really change much of the source material, but it seems to elevate it and lets it reach its full potential. A combination of amazing acting, directing, and music/sound design accentuating what was already there.

    But yeah, K-ON! would’ve been the easy choice here being a somewhat mediocre manga with an amazing anime.

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      1. I might try the anime in the future. I tried the manga and it didn’t quite click for me. Maybe in a year or two after I graduate college and can relate more to being a working adult.


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