Just when I think we’ve moved on to the more positive challenges, this one pops up. Hate is a strong word, so I’m going to clarify here that I’m going to talk about an anime that I strongly dislike. But despite my clearly objective and superior taste, it seems to do fairly well in the viewer scores on various anime websites.

I honestly don’t have a ton to write about this one. I will say by the time I reached the end of it, I did wonder why so many people seemed to love it. I’m referring to the anime Citrus.

My assumption is it has something to do with the above meme

Obviously, everyone has their reasons for choosing to watch that they do. For me, the above meme genuinely made me interested in the show. Such top shelf humor could only mean I was in for more great jokes. Boy was I wrong.

First hard lesson: don’t take every meme seriously. It’s a meme for a reason and just because it exists doesn’t mean it’s actually in the show…

My distaste for this show can really be distilled into one simple thing: eventually even the viewers are going to get tired of having their expectations messed with. If there’s anything the writers of Game of Thrones brought to the masses, it’s exactly this lesson. Subverting and messing with viewers hopes for the sake of a twist or a tease isn’t necessarily good writing. And it felt to me like that’s really what Citrus was trying to do.

Visual representation of how I feel declaring my dislike of Citrus

Ignore the taboo of the relationship. It feels like Mei is a genuinely terrible person. Maybe the writer was trying to convey that all along. Maybe you aren’t actually supposed to root for them. Either way, the constant emotional manipulation eventually wore me down to the point where I would get genuinely angry at yet another stumbling block. I did finish this one, but I cannot recommend it.

4 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge (2022): Day 6 – Anime You Hate, But Everyone Loves

  1. I haven’t seen this one but I definitely know of it’s reputation. I don’t think it’s an anime that everybody loves. It actually appears to be quite polarizing, with one side criticizing its portrayal of romance as being toxic (bordering on sexual assault) and the other side saying that the people criticizing it just don’t get the genius of its storytelling.

    Part of me wants to watch it just so I could have my own opinions, but I’m also a bit afraid since I’m quite sensitive to the topics that the criticizing side of the audience is talking about. Plus, I’ve seen a lot of people recommend Bloom Into You over this anyway, which is definitely an anime and manga that I loved.

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    1. I have watched both. Bloom Into You is in another league. The two aren’t even worthy of comparison. Bloom Into You is so far above Citrus when it comes to art, storytelling, and everything else you can possibly imagine.

      In my opinion 😉

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