My love for Kyoto Animation is well established. Their quality is undeniable and their style completely recognizable. Not only that, they also treat their workers exceptionally well in an industry that’s increasingly known for the opposite.

In case you’re dense, today’s pick is a KyoAni show.

Given the fact that the source material is notoriously bland and hard to read, it’s amazing what KyoAni was able to do with the series K-ON! The jokes land perfectly, the animation is beautiful, and the pacing is incredible.

Now, I’m using the term “marathoned” here loosely. Obviously I didn’t binge all 39 episodes and the movie in a single sitting (I came closer than I want to admit, but still). When I say marathoned, I mean I ignored all other anime and watched several episodes of this every day until I finished it.

Sure, that’s a lot of subtitles, but the material is light and entertaining enough that it felt like a breeze. There aren’t any gut-wrenching moments, drawn out arcs, or tense romance plots that make you want to take a break. It’s meant to be simple (and sometimes silly) fun.

Even if “cute girls doing cute things” anime isn’t your cup of tea (hehe, a K-ON reference), I would still recommend at least trying it out. It’s less a cutesy romp and more a best friends being best friends type of cast. They laugh, cry, fight and sing their way through high school, and by the end, I was genuinely sad to see it go. My gut instinct was to wish it could go on forever, but I know that’s unrealistic and would eventually be too much of a good thing. As it is, it’s perfect. You can read my full review here if you want to read more, but really, just go watch it.

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