When I think of fantasy, I tend to think of something akin to The Lord of the Rings, filled with monsters and magic such as The Rising of the Shield Hero or GATE. But when it comes to my favorite anime in the fantasy genre, I have actually chosen a modern day and (relatively) tame fantasy story, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. I’m not trying to cheat or anything; it definitely qualifies as fantasy. But when I looked over all the fantasy anime I had watched, there was only one on the list that I consistently enjoyed watching and rewatching while still being incredibly enthralled and entertained, and that is why I chose Dragon Maid.

It really does tick a lot of boxes for me when it comes to what kind of anime I enjoy the most.

  • Great Characters ✔
  • Funny Jokes/Gags ✔
  • Entrancing Soundtrack ✔
  • Fun Story ✔
  • More than one season ✘
  • Growing Relationships ✔
  • Loli Dragon ✔
  • Great Art/Animation ✔
  • Great OP ✔

And wouldn’t you know it, a second season has actually already been announced, so we hopefully don’t have to wait for much longer to see it. Honestly, It really does deliver a wide variety of content, from laugh out loud humor to very heartfelt and endearing moments. I think it’s only flaw is that the series’s biggest conflict kind of fizzles out before it has the chance to feel like a threat, but honestly, that really fits the vibe of the rest of the show, so it’s hard to count it as a negative.

Do yourself a favor and at least try this one. I have acknowledged many times before (and will many times in the future) that not even the highest rated anime will be liked by absolutely everybody, but at least to me, this seems to be one that will resonate with more people than not. If you do decide to try it, hopefully you find it as wistful and fun as I did.

It also happens to have a bonus favorite OP of mine, which you can watch below. Truly, one of my biggest fears about the second season is that the OP won’t be as awesome chu-chu yeah as this one.

What’s your favorite Fantasy/Supernatural anime?

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