Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that making me laugh is incredibly easy; give me a white beard, red suit and a bowl full of jelly and you have the perfect image of my jovial nature. Because of this, I tend to have a slightly easier grading system when it comes to comedy. You would think that picking a favorite might be a big ask, but it actually wasn’t. Grand Blue Dreaming was the clear choice for me.

It has just the right mixture of immature frat jokes, well timed one-liners, and gag comedy. That isn’t to say it’s necessarily “low brow” when it comes to comedy (though I definitely wouldn’t describe it as the Fraiser of anime). When people ask me to describe it, I always tell them that it’s essentially Frat Boys the anime. Lots of drinking jokes, freshmen at college jokes, and “ah, youth” moments. Also, gratuitous levels of frat boy strip rock-paper-scissors. Crap…maybe it is low-brow…

Sure, there’s a story about trying to understand the interests of what I can best describe as a Kuudere, and sure there’s lots of brotherly love and bonding among club members, but the comedy takes center stage in this anime almost to an extent that erases everything else. The rest of the story simply serves as a joke delivery vehicle. Normally, something like this would bug me as I like to get invested in the characters, but this anime is able to break past that barrier and remain incredibly entertaining.

And you can’t talk about Grand Blue Dreaming without a video of it’s amazing OP.

What’s your favorite comedy anime? I’m always looking for good shows to try.

3 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 17 – Favorite Comedy Anime

  1. I’ve read reviews of that series. I might give it a try. My favorite comedy anime is Shinesman. That’s one of the best parody anime series and has one of the few dubs that’s better than the Japanese version. Think Power Rangers, but in an office setting while satirizing tokusatsu, big corporations, and anime.

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