I’m going to go ahead and file this one under the “one of the easiest to answer challenges” section of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. When I read this one, I knew there could be no other contender; it had to be Silver Spoon. Sometimes you like anime because it just makes you feel happy, and for me, Silver Spoon is a very happy anime.

But don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. This isn’t an anime where everything is happy-go-lucky and problems don’t arise in the great kingdom of happy land. There are actually some really interesting debates and issues that take place in this anime, from veganism to poverty. It shows a completely different side of life to what I’m used to seeing in anime that takes place in modern Japan (akin to the Anzu arc in Hinamatsuri). But the other thing it shows is triumph through good old fashioned hard work and sweat. There’s no such thing as immediately fitting in and understanding a completely foreign environment for this protagonist.

On top of the wholesome message and heartwarming characters, Silver Spoon also delivers copious amounts of (typically farm based) comedy. Not every joke lands immediately as you the viewer are getting used to the foreign land of farm high school anime, but when you really settle in and get used to the environment, it delivers a lot of truly laugh-out-loud humor.

Because of these elements and more (which you can read in my full review here), there could be no other pick for Favorite Slice of Life than Silver Spoon.

What is your favorite Slice of Life?

2 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 15 – Favorite Slice of Life Anime

  1. Saw this one not too long ago as part of my “Anime ABC’s” series where my readers vote on what I watch and then I do a special review for it (most of which are very different than the ones that came before). It was a very good show that I’m glad I picked up long before I actually watched it. No regrets about having it on the shelf.

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