For anyone who has seen K-ON!, today’s pick needs no introduction. For those of you who haven’t seen K-on!, seriously, what are you still doing here? You need to go watch it ASAP and bask in the comedic glory that is Tainaka, Ritsu. She’s part club president, part drummer, and full comedian.

Sure, she might constantly forget to submit necessary club forms to the student council. Yes, she might occasionally neglect her studies and desperately need a refresher. But those pale in comparison to her real duties, like teaching fellow band members how to get on Mio’s bad side. These are all the things that make being a part of the K-ON club exciting.

And even through all of the well timed jokes and passing of wisdom, Ritsu still comes across as someone who genuinely cares about her band-mates. One of the best abilities of any comedian is the ability to read the room, and Ritsu has mastered it. She knows when a situation calls for a joke, and when it calls for swift and firm encouragement. If Azusa is the strict mom that tries (and fails) to keep the kids in line, Ritsu is the grandma that makes it happen with the underhanded trickery and bribery that the elderly seem to enjoy. She can switch from the voice of reason to the joker that can’t be controlled at the drop of a hat.

While her being president of the K-ON club initially feels like a mistake that will blow up in spectacular fashion for all to see, it eventually becomes obvious that none of the other band members could do a better job leading them. She’s the perfect glue for all of their unique personalities.

Creating such a well-rounded character in an anime that is meant to be comedy-based isn’t an easy task, but that’s what makes Ritsu (and the rest of the cast) special. She’s a perfect fit for today’s challenge.

Who’s your favorite comedic character?

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