This is kind of a fun/unexpected category. It isn’t something I’d previously given a lot of thought to. Among all of the anime I have seen, there is one who stands head hand and shoulders above the rest, and that is Migi from Parasyte -the maxim-, thanks to his unique symbiotic relationship with his host, Shinichi.

Most of Migi’s species completely kill and imitate their hosts in order to blend in and hunt for survival, but Migi’s initial takeover of Shinichi is considered a failure. Migi is only able to bond with Shinichi, and coextist with him as his right hand (hence the name “Migi” which means “right” in Japanese). The two have separate thought patterns and autonomy, but share the body. Migi is able to survive through nutrients that Shinichi eats, and in turn, Migi protects Shinichi from the threats of other parasites (and occasionally humans).

Migi is an interesting character. He’s completely selfish, only ever interested in his own survival. Even survival of his species is second to that singular goal. He’s inherently emotionless, so he takes the “do whatever it takes” approach literally, carrying a desire to quickly dispatch anyone perceived as a threat to him or his host. Initially, this causes a lot of conflict between Migi and Shinichi as they fight over the morality of that kind of existence.

Like all living creatures, Migi can learn and adapt. He’s a quick study of the local language and customs. He requires basic things like nutrition and sleep (that can be deadly if it happens at the wrong time), and has a genuine biological need to survive. All of this not only creates an interesting character, but it also allows for thought provoking debate between Migi and his host on the value of life.

By the conclusion, this once emotionless, thoughtless, selfish creature has formed a strong bond with Shinichi. Even I was convinced by the end that Shinichi was better off having Migi around, parasite or not. They had changed each other into something almost unrecognizable, but better.

What would be your pick for this category?

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