Welcome to I Watched an Anime.  This is going to simply be a repository for my thoughts on the anime that I’ve watched.  All of it will be opinion and less than 0% of it will be professional or objective.  I’ve had zero formal training of any kind when it comes to judging this or any other medium, so if you’re here expecting me to guide you down a path of enlightenment with my elevated opinions on anime, you are going to be more disappointed than the people waiting on a second season of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (boy that joke didn’t age well, did it?  Took what, a month?  Now accepting applications for me to bring your anime wishlist to life!).

All you’ll find here are the ramblings and opinions of one weeb.  If nothing else, I hope to provide an entertaining look at anime from my perspective, and maybe if your taste is similar to mine, you might find some good recommendations.

But I cannot stress this enough: this is in no way professional.  What I will be expressing here are opinions.  Don’t come in here telling me I have horrible taste in anime and I need to reflect inwards upon my sins.  Hopefully we can all just get along and be friends.  Maybe later we can even publicly decide what I’ll try next with a poll for all 3 of you to vote in.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.