I can already feel the hate mail coming from you guys just based on the image. Yes, the rumors are true. My pick for most overrated anime is Spice and Wolf II. I was a bit conflicted between this an another anime, but in the end, I feel like this one is slightly higher on the list for me.

If you throw in a cute, mysterious waifu and a premise touted as “brainy”, I’ve found that the show will almost always ride the popularity train all the way to the top, and this show does exactly that thanks to Holo the wolf goddess and a plot focused on financial market manipulation. Applied correctly, it’s a successful formula for a reason; I personally really enjoyed the first season of Spice and Wolf, and I went into season 2 with really high expectations because of it. The thing is, most of it feels, well, hollow for lack of a better term.

I think the thing that threw me off the most in season 2 was the battle between merchants for the right to Holo’s love and devotion. When Holo seemingly abandons protagonist Kraft due to his neglect and unwillingness to commit, it felt like an empty temper tantrum, even knowing that it was all a ruse. It takes up a lot of showtime and left me feeling more frustrated than anything at the weird display.

As I said before, I liked the first season enough to keep watching through the second season, but was left feeling like they should have simply ended it instead of making a second season. Maybe there’s only so much that can be shown in a show about merchants. Or maybe the show actually is so smart that I couldn’t grasp the true meaning. Regardless, I came away disappointed.

What’s your pick for most overrated anime?

9 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 4 – Most Overrated Anime

  1. I couldn’t agree more with what you said about S.a.W season 2, though I wasn’t aware it was that well rated. It’s a pretty bad season, which is a shame since it had the potential to be so much more with all that source material from the light novels!

    I don’t think of too many anime as overrated because if I think it’s overrated that means I’m not enjoying it and I just drop those early on basically. Though I did think Clannad or Haruhi Suzumiya were a bit overrated (I also didn’t finish them).

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  2. I haven’t actually seen this series yet, it’s on my shelf for a rainy day, so didn’t really read this one. I’ll be curious to discover why you think this when I eventually get around to it.


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