My choice for favorite male protagonist is probably one of the least exciting choices I could make. He isn’t the hero of another world or any sort of skilled star or athlete. He’s simply the hero of one little girl who needed someone – anyone – to accept and love her. It is Kawachi, Daikichi. He’s 30 years old, unmarried, and fairly care free.

When his entire family openly discusses their distaste for their deceased relatives illegitimate young daughter, Daikichi reacts with compassion and understanding rather than joining their judgement. Where his family sees a burden of responsibility, he sees innocence in need of acceptance. He’s inexperienced and unprepared, but he’s also motivated to do the right thing.

Throughout all of Usagi Drop you see him making a genuine best effort to care for Rin, his newly adopted charge. That effort often falls short of perfection, but it truly shows his character. He doesn’t complain that he has to take a lower paying position in exchange for better hours. He doesn’t get angry when nights out drinking with coworkers can no longer happen. Rather than scold Rin for mistakes as she navigates her new environment, he helps her along, knowing full well that neither of them will ever be perfect.

So while Daikichi might not have stand out talents or accomplishments known around the world, he stands tall as an incredible human being. His love and acceptance of Rin, though small in the grand scheme of all life, is huge for both her and him. And that small, intimate scale is where life’s special moments take place.

Who’s your favorite male protagonist?

6 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 26 – Favorite Male Protagonist

      1. That’s on my list once I start 2020 shows. Still wrapping up 2019 stuff since I had to fall behind due to IRL stuff. If you ever want more recommendations for shows like this, I would be happy to point you towards the best of the bunch 🙂


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