Cold and Flu season is nigh (if you’re in the northern hemisphere), so it seemed timely to put together a list of good anime to watch while you’re quarantined. These are anime that you can watch and enjoy even when you’re fever has spiked (and you can’t fully focus) thanks to their light stories, happy demeanor, and comforting characters. Of course, they’re great to watch even without a Doctor’s note, but I find these especially comforting when I’m feeling down.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid blends the worlds of salaryworker and fantasy to bring you that comforting slice of life feeling. Conflict is lighthearted, the jokes are solid, and the characters are cheerful. Even the soundtrack brings a sort of wistful feeling to the atmosphere.

As with all of today’s picks, while there is an underlying story to follow, occasionally losing focus (or consciousness) isn’t really an issue. Each episode can stand clearly on it’s own as entertaining without making you feel lost with the lack of plot detail. So sit back, grab your favorite flavor of dragon tail, and enjoy.

The Helpful Fox Senko-san

Meet Senko-san, the fox goddess who’s goal in life is to make you feel better through doting comfort. She isn’t interested in receiving anything in return; her only wish is that your depression and sadness be replaced by bliss and contentment. She’ll cook you food, clean your house, and do just about anything else to provide you comfort (no lewding the fox loli).

The anime focuses on her providing this comfort to one human she has known for many years, but after the credits each week there is a little segment where they switch your perspective to first person so that Senko-san can dote on you, the viewer. This anime is only interested in providing comfort and relaxation to the viewer. It’s perfect for a day in when you just need relaxing fox sounds to keep you company.

Sweetness & Lightning

This anime is all about the food. Copious amounts of family time and Japanese recipes fill your screen as you watch a father and daughter bond over meal time. Anime has been waging a war on food for many years now, and this one is no exception. You’ll watch as they cook everything from the regular staples to comforting desserts and savory dishes.

At the heart of it are three loving and happy characters and their interactions. They’re kind to one another, compassionate, and energetic when it comes to their cooking. This anime is definitely more about the characters and how they live than the story. Just like the home makeover shows you fall asleep to, you can watch them research and begin these exciting recipes while your medication sets in and fall asleep just as the final product is revealed. It really is the whole package!


If you prefer small town island life, Barakamon is the anime to choose. It takes a stressed out calligraphy professional from the city and isolates him in a small village filled with unique personalities that make up a close-knit community. Adapting to a small town when you’re accustomed to big city living is no easy task, but the villagers are there to help him through it (by force if necessary).

This definitely qualifies as heavy slice of life with light comedy. The characters take center stage. The central story is probably more prominent than the rest of the anime listed here, but it is by no means the kind of story that you have to concentrate to understand or follow. You can fade in and out of the episodes and still be very entertained by what is happening each time.

Yuru Camp

This is my top recommended anime for a sick day. I already wrote extensively about this anime in my full review. To summarize, this anime takes all the smells, feelings and warmth typically found in real life’s comfiest situations and miraculously manages to translate it into anime form. It is amazing what they were able to do with this show.

Camping, humor, melodious flutes, delicious campfire food, friendship – this anime has it all. The chemistry between the cast members is strong and the story is seemingly built around transporting you into a world where all you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride. I can’t think of a single thing I would add to this anime; it is perfectly suited for giving you the warm and fuzzy feelings you need when you’re feeling ill.

And there you have it, my top 5 recommendations for anime to watch while you’re stuck at home riddled with medication and nowhere to go. I’d love to hear your recommendations. What anime do you love to watch when you’re sick?

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