We’ve finally reached the end of our 10 week journey; if you’ve been following along, hopefully I’ve provided an entertaining (and informational) look into my anime tastes. I had a lot of fun doing this; hopefully I’ll find another fun series to do in the near future.

When I first started looking at the categories for this challenge, I immediately knew exactly what anime would be going in this spot. My pick for My Favorite Anime is Violet Evergarden. It was my gateway into the world of anime, and as such will always hold a special place in my heart.

There isn’t anything that I don’t love about this anime. The setting, story, art, music, and voice acting are all perfect tools for transporting me into the story and holding me there, captivated, until the very end. I find the story of Violet, as well as the stories that she helps tell of the people around her, incredible to behold. I acknowledge the the idea behind Violet’s personality is by no means new to anime or any other storytelling, but for me, this is the perfect embodiment of it.

As I said before, it’s not just Violet’s story that we are getting to see. We are watching the healing of an entire nation that is trying it’s best to move forward after a devastating war. We are seeing the beauty of how a simple letter and the emotions that it contains can move people to action and recovery.

The music is perfectly composed for this story as well. It’s truly one of the most hauntingly beautiful soundtracks you will ever hear. The way it accompanies and enhances each moment is enough to make your chest tense up with emotion. For a taste, watch this performance by Japan’s Imperial 9 Symphony Orchestra:

For more of my thoughts on Violet Evergarden, please see the full review I wrote about it previously where I go into a lot more detail rather than just gushing about how much I love it. Hopefully you’re inspired to try it out.

And with this, the 30 Day Anime Challenge comes to a close. For those of you who followed along, thank you very much for taking an interest. I hope I motivated you into trying something similar, or at the very least, into having a conversation with me about my picks. This was fun, and I hope to do similar fun projects in the future (and I’m always open to suggestion).

But before we go, I have to ask one last question. What is your all time favorite anime?

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