Today’s anime was chosen based simply on how it impacted me on my second viewing. That might sound like strange criteria, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t quite “get it” when I watched Your Lie in April the first time. I was new to anime, so a lot of the subtleties of how the medium conveyed different emotions and messages were lost on me. When I returned to watch it again with my newly acquired experience, it was like a completely different anime.

It’s hard to describe the emotional impact an anime like Your Lie in April leaves on you. You feel almost gutted in the physical sense. There’s a mixture of euphoria and despair that create a feeling so bittersweet you swear you can almost taste it. But it isn’t a negative experience by any means; in a way, it’s cleansing.

Early on, the story seems fairly straightforward. It isn’t until you start getting a little deeper than you begin to see there is layer after tightly compressed layer of complexity built in. The writer carefully crafted a living world filled with all the complicated relationships and nuance that humanity has to offer. They didn’t want to simply tell a story; they wanted to make you feel what the characters were feeling and experience their lives with them. This is an often used technique, but rarely has it connected with me as solidly as it did in Your Lie in April.

Nothing I can say could prepare you for watching this anime. At the very least, you will cry a lot. Most likely, your opinion on what anime is capable of will change forever. I honestly wish I could just put my emotions about it in a bottle and share it, because words seem inadequate. This anime has set a standard I’m not even sure how to describe, and I think that’s incredible.

What’s your highest rated anime?

5 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 29 – Your Highest Rated Anime

  1. Show was quite good. My only complaint is the story is a bit /too/ straightforward, to the point of determent. Still, its other aspects bring Your Lie in April up and keep it at a very respectable place for me. Compared to other shows in its general genre, it falls short, but as a standalone work, it still deserves the attention it got.

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