I’m not sure if the wording “Ending Theme Song” is correct, but I really wanted it to match the title for challenge day 5, so I’m going to run with it. This is another fun week where I can tell you what my favorite song is and then let you watch and enjoy it. I chose the ED for Silver Spoon Season 2. Honestly, choosing a song by Goose House feels a bit like cheating because they have some amazing music, but I can’t deny my love for this song.

And, like day 5, I can’t just leave you with one video and a little bit of text, so I present to you the bonus runner up video. The Anime ED Blu-ray extra, if you will. I’ve got a soft spot for folksy music, so this one clicked with me right away. Presenting the ED for Konosuba season 1. Both seasons have EDs with the same feeling, but in my opinion, season 1 is just a little bit better.

Just like with the OPs, I have a few other ED favorites that I’ll put into some of the other posts to avoid the source anime.

What’s your favorite anime ED?

4 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6 – Favorite Anime Ending Theme Song

  1. My comment regarding the previous OP’s post applies XD

    Silver Spoon though, I didn’t expect that to be your pick, but then again, I don’t even know all the anime you have watched yet. Your diversity is pretty impressive considering you are fairly new to anime.

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    1. Haha. Honestly, I wanted to dip my toe in everything to see what would stick. So far, that’s quite a few. If you ever get curious about everything else I’ve watched I have my AniList linked under my “Anime Collection” page on this site.

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      1. Excellent, I’ll check your list out once I’m done going through all of these. About to take a break to go and eat some dinner, but I look forward to resuming my read through your stuff 🙂


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