Through all the anime I’ve watched, one female protagonist has stuck out as a constant favorite. I can’t claim she’s particularly remarkable or magical. She isn’t wild and mysterious like Zero Two or fragile and free like Miyazono, Kaori. Maybe it’s because I’m old, or maybe it’s because I’m a nerd through and through, but the simplicity and honesty of Morioka, Moriko‘s character feels just right.

It’s easy to empathize with someone who simply becomes tired of the everyday corporate life. Late hours and little appreciation can burn you out if you don’t show personal restraint. Honestly, being able to quit working and spend your full time enjoying your hobbies seems like the ideal life on the surface. If it weren’t for the terrifying lack of direction and stability (and inevitable feeling of aimlessness) I would say it was perfect.

I admire Morioka for taking the plunge. At the very least, the life she was leading wasn’t fulfilling; you could say it was a life that would eventually overwork her to death. She knew that she had to get out, even at the cost of her schedule, social life and reputation. Being a NEET carries with it a certain (understandable) stigma.

She’s a naturally shy person to begin with; abandoning all responsibility to lead the life of a shut-in makes her all the more self-conscious. But she is also very kind, considerate and in need of friends, just like every other human being on the planet. It’s her simple kindness and acceptance of those around her that attracts friends, and watching her self-image blossom into someone who knows her self-worth is exciting to see.

Much of Morioka’s character growth is internal and subtle, but that is precisely what makes it so beautiful. Her story is the story of all humanity.

Who is your favorite female protagonist?

13 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 25 – Favorite Female Protagonist

      1. That is the one streaming service I don’t have . Not sure if its worth it with a trinity of Hulu, Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime but maybe if theres a few other shows that are Funimation Exclusive . Thanks for the info though.

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      2. No problem. You may or may not know this, but I found the easiest way to locate whether or not a show is available for streaming (and where) is on AniList. It’s all crowd sourced and has no affiliation so it lists everything (something MAL lacked while I was using it). And if you notice something missing it’s super easy to add it yourself for review.

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